Headquarters : Commissioner, Vice Commissioner, 2 Director General’s Offices and 5 Bureaus, 24 Divisions
(Including Officers in charge and Centers)
Affiliated Offices (27)
- Regional Headquarters (5) / Coast Guard Stations (19) / Academy (1) /
Korea Coast Guard Special Rescue Unit (1) / Korea Coast Guard Maintenance Center (1)


Protection of Maritime Territory and Sovereignty

- Patrol activities to safeguard maritime territories and sovereignty such as those of Dokdo and Ieodo
- Crack down on foreign vessels engaging in illegal fishing to protect the civil right and interest, and marine resources
- Implementation of security activities around the Northern Limit Lines (NLL) in the East Sea and the West Sea, and protection of critical marine infrastructure
- Implementing marine anti-terrorism and preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Safety Management against Maritime Disaster

- Rescue operation upon occurrence of safety and vessel accident, in coastal waters
- Preparation for and response to marine disasters such as typhoon and tsunami
- Prevention of marine accidents and safety control for marine leisure activities

Establishment of Maritime Traffic Order

- Vessel traffic service (VTS) and port access control
- Safety management for publicly used ships such as leisure vessels, ferries, fishing boats
- Safety control for dangerous vessels such as oil tankers, and carriers of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS)

Investigation of Maritime Crimes

- Investigation and intelligence activities regarding maritime crimes
- Investigation of crimes against the livelihood of citizens in relation to the ocean and/or fisheries industry
- Crack down on international crimes such as illegal entry/departure, smuggling, piracy, etc.

Prevention and Response to Marine Pollution

- Establishment and enforcement of policies for the nation’s marine pollution prevention
- Responding to marine pollution accidents including overall supervision of marine and coastal pollution prevention activities
- Prevention, inspection and investigation of marine pollution

Operational Equipment


- 330 vessels in total (184 patrol vessels, 146 special-purpose vessels)

- Patrol Vessels: large-scale 35 / middle-scale 39 / small-scale 110
- Special-purpose vessels: 146


- 24 in total (6 aircrafts, 18 helicopters)