Working Group

  • The workshop will involve two working groups examining the following subjects:

  • Working group 1: Language and phraseology

    • Explore and document key issues that contribute to communication difficulties from the perspective of:
       - non-native English speakers communication with native and non-native speakers; and
       - native English speakers communication with non-native speakers.
    • Develop principles for VTS message construction and the development of common phraseology for clear and unambiguous communication.
    • Identify and explore how VTS voice communication can best be incorporated in IALA documentation for Training and Certification of VTS Personnel.
    • Identify and explore how the harmonized use of English VTS voice communication phrases between ship and shore for native and non-native speakers can be best utilized by international standards

    • Working group 2: Training and Language Assessment

      • Identify and document factors on how language and phraseology above can best be integrated with IALA documentation related to VTS communication, such as Recommendation R0103 (V-103) and its associated Model Courses with specific reference to the modules dealing with communication.
      • Prepare guidance for the delivery of VTS English components of the R0103 (V-103) model courses to assist training organisations.
      • Develop the framework and methodology to assist training organisations to assess trainees in a globally consistent manner.