The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the exchange of best practices, ideas and knowledge amongst a wide range of VTS professionals, linguists and those from other sectors to:

  • Facilitate informed discussion and mutual understanding of the issues associated with VTS communication, both within and between, native and non-native English speakers.

  • Contribute to the development of international standards for VTS Language to ensure effective communication, including structure and phraseology.

  • Contribute to the formulation and development of IALA documentation related to VTS communication, such as:
     - Recommendation R0103 (V-103) and its associated Model Courses,
            with specific reference to the modules dealing with communication.
     - Guideline G1132 – VTS VHF Voice Communication.
     - Recommendation V-127 – Operational Procedures for Vessel Traffic Services.
     - Guideline 1089 – Provision of Vessel Traffic Services (INS, TOS and NAS).