IALA is a non profit, international technical association. Established in 1957, it gathers together marine aids to navigation authorities, manufacturers, consultants, and, scientific and training institutes from all parts of the world and offers them the opportunity to exchange and compare their experiences and achievements.

IALA encourages its members to work together in a common effort to harmonise aids to navigation worldwide and to ensure that the movements of vessels are safe, expeditious and cost effective while protecting the environment.
The work of the committees is aimed at developing common best practice standards through publication of IALA Recommendations and Guidelines.

To assist in the development of IALA documentation and associated material addressing the delivery of VTS communication with a view to improve its effectiveness in both routine communication and in developing situations, IALA, in association with the Korea Coast Guard and the Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology (KIMFT), is hosting a workshop on Harmonising VTS Voice Communication in Busan, Korea, from 19-22 February, 2019. The working language for the workshop will be English.

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